Wool vs. nylon carpet: Which is best for you?

Wool vs. nylon carpet: Which is best for you?

One of the questions we often hear in our carpet store is whether natural fibers, like wool, are better than synthetics, like nylon.
Both are excellent choices. Your decision comes down to how much you value specific characteristics.

Natural vs. synthetic fibers

Fiber is the material from which the yarns are made. Therefore, it affects appearance and performance.

Natural fibers, such as wool, are harvested from nature, such as plants or animal fur. Wool is the only natural fiber used in broadloom; others, like jute, sisal, and coir, are more suited to making up smaller mats.

Wool is eco-friendly and sustainable. Technology, however, is making synthetics catch up. For example, a nylon carpet has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions and inherent hypoallergenic properties.

Nylon and other synthetics are often seen as the more practical choice because of better stain resistance. They're also easier to keep clean.

Comparing wool and nylon

Wool is highly durable and resilient. It's also soft and luxurious but absorbent. Wipe spills immediately.

Wool has excellent soil repellency, however. Natural oils with small scales flick off the dirt. Nylon is known for ultra-strength, resilience, and excellent stain resistance. It stands up to large families, kids, and pets.

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Nylon, too, is soft. These days, most fibers are thinner and, consequently, more gentle.

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