What to know about carpet textures

What to know about carpet textures

A textured carpet is a great way to add visual interest and a distinct feeling to a room. Pick up a design magazine and understand why "texture" and "pile" are essential elements.

The three main carpeting constructions

?Pile? refers to how the rug yarns are attached to the backing, affecting textures. There are three main constructions.

Looped construction refers to uncut yarns. They are attached with a kind of needlepoint action.?

Then they are cut into yarns of various heights. Cut & loop combines the two and adds pattern and texture.??

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Types of rug texture:

Yarns can also be twisted, or fibers can have various thicknesses. So, there's certainly no shortage of textures.??

  1. Frieze. This has fibers so tightly twisted they curl. The frieze is durable and often used for family rooms.?
  2. Plush: Fiber is closely packed in a Saxony version.
Fibers go in one direction only, so it shows footprints and marks. It's best, therefore, for low-traffic rooms.
  1. Textured pattern. Fibers go in all directions, hiding marks.

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Other carpet textures include:

  1. Shag: This is a high-pile rug. It's best for low-traffic rooms.?
  2. Berber and level loop. The Berber is known for its gray and brown dots on a neutral background?both Berber and level loop feature short, tightly woven loops.?
  3. Low pile rug. More durable and easier to clean than others. Low-pile rugs are ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

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