Here?s what to expect with carpet installation

Here?s what to expect with carpet installation

Sometimes all it takes to transform a room with a new carpet. With all the colors, designs, and styles, you can give a room a warm, cozy vibe; a dramatic and sophisticated look; a fresh, contemporary air?or more.

Are you thinking of a new carpet? Here's what to expect.

First, the preparation

The room needs to be empty. Check your estimate to see who does what.?

Make alternate arrangements, such as food preparation, showering, pets, etc.

On the big day

Plan for it to take a day or less, depending on room size. Tack strips (wooden strips with nails sticking up) will be placed around the room's perimeter.

Then the carpet store installers will place the padding inside the tack strips. The rug is then stretched over the entire area and secured tightly to the wall with the help of a power stretcher.

After the carpet installation

The installer will explain when the furniture can be moved back in. They will also explain when you can walk on it. These are often separate timetables.

You can also expect some shedding, the release of loose fibers after an installation. This can sometimes go on for weeks and is not a manufacturer defect.

Benefits of carpet

  1. There?s something for every decor when shopping for carpet in Sebring, FL. At our carpet store, you?ll see patterned loops like Chic Stria by Phenix or cut piles like Insightful Journey by Shaw Industries.
  2. Noise reduction. No more sounds of footsteps, beeping devices, or muffled conversations.
  3. Improved indoor air quality. It traps pollutants and particles in its fibers, where they'll remain until deep cleaned.

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