Designing a Great Outdoor Room

Designing a Great Outdoor Room

Outdoor Rooms are sweeping the nation! Everywhere you look there are lavish outdoor spaces. In magazines, design books, HGTV, and even in your neighborhood. The cooler weather has arrived and I know I want to spend more time outdoors. My advice on how to achieve the luxury look for your own outdoor room would be to start with a plan that helps you create a budget. Consider hardscape, landscape, outdoor appliances, and outdoor furnishings.

When choosing your outdoor furnishings and accessories think of the scale of the space. Consider the use of the furniture. Choose multiple pieces of furniture that give you flexibility. Such as a dining table with four chairs, and two additional chairs with ottomans. By choosing a dining table large enough to seat six and using two of the chairs for the use of lounging you give you have the flexibility that you would not have with just a standard set of four chairs and a table.

Consider the options you have with the material the furnishings are made of and coordinate the use of old and new furniture, or types of material. Aluminum furniture should be made of good quality. You should always consider a brand that gives a long residential warranty, such as, 15 years, and has a powder coat finish. This will give you the best product for the longest time, and will keep the product from rusting or needing to be repainted.

Resin Wicker is certainly a big trend in outdoor rooms and is another product to research and make sure that you are buying the right type of resin wicker. Be sure it has an aluminum frame and that the wicker is heat molded and won?t crack, or peel. Verify that it has a UV protectant. If choosing a cushioned furniture set, be sure to check on the type of cushion fabric, and that it can withstand the outdoor elements. The trend in outdoor fabric is to choose from a custom line like Sunbrella or Outdura so you have the ability to tie in your interior fabrics and outdoor fabrics. This is especially important if your outdoor room is adjacent to a living or family room.

After deciding on your furnishings consider hardscape and landscape. Once you?ve decided on those items you can head into the accessorizing of your outdoor room. This can be done nicely with outdoor kitchens, pool tables, swimming pools, Jacuzzi?s, umbrellas, pergolas, and outdoor fireplaces. These really are just the beginning in the options of accessories you can add to an outdoor room, but are certainly important when setting a budget. Set your priorities based on your needs, then look to some local professionals for assistance.

If you choose to spend more of your budget on furnishings or accessories and want to add color and plants to your space you can do so with several groups of potted plants. Using this option in lieu of adding landscaping to your space allows you the flexibility to move your furnishings and organize your space accordingly. The use of plant stands and smaller tables are a way to add visual effect for potted plants and raises them off the ground to add movement in the space.

Trying to hide an unsightly part of your yard or other area that is adjacent to an ?Outdoor Room?? This can be done by adding outdoor curtains or adding a trellis. When using a fabric for outdoors make sure it is durable enough to handle the outdoor elements (i.e.: fading and soil). Sunbrella and Outdura make nice products that retailers have available by the yard. Custom outdoor retailers will also have the ability to have decorative curtain/panels made for the space as well. Those products can be cleaned with bleach and give you the longevity against fading that you should consider when purchasing products for outdoor use. Consider the use of creating a new focal point. Such as the use of an umbrella, potted tree, or tall shrub. A fountain or outdoor fireplace would also give a new point of interest.

Overall your goal should be to create a place of rest and relaxation. Following the trends may not be the choice for you but making good purchases of the proper products will in the long run?actually save you money. Make wise choices and think of each purchase as an investment to the curb appeal and overall design of your home. Outdoor furniture and furnishing purchases should be considered with the same considerations as the interior furnishings in your home, as an outdoor room is an extension of your living space. Look to a professional designer or sales person to help you with the project at Griffin?s Carpet Mart. We would be happy to help you create a space that is an expression of your individual style and relish in the opportunity to appreciate our wonderful Florida sunshine!