Best tips for tile flooring maintenance and cleaning

Best tips for tile flooring maintenance and cleaning

Tile flooring has so many benefits it's hard to think why you wouldn't want it in your house. It's stylish, adds value to a property, and is durable and eco-friendly.

Most of all, tile flooring is low maintenance. That's all a winning combination, isn't it?

Always remember?easy does it!

Tile flooring
doesn?t need abrasive tools, vigorous scrubbing, or harsh chemical cleaners. In fact, it's so easy to clean that it's one of the best products for allergy sufferers.

Dirt and grime sit right at the top, so it's easy to see. And wipe off.

Now get rid of loose dirt

Sweep or vacuum before mopping. Some ceramic tile types can scratch easily, so be sure to remove beater bars and use a soft-bristled attachment or broom.

Get into tight corners and edges. If need be, use a hand attachment.

Less is more when mopping tile flooring

Too much soap can leave a filmy residue. Be careful of overwatering, too, as it can leave streaks and water spots.

Make sure you use the exact ratio on the product?s label; it?s usually ? cup detergent to one gallon of water.?

Don?t think that more is better! You can be advised about the best products by the experts in the tile store.

Microfiber mop heads are best, as sponge mops tend to push the dirt around and retain water! Rinse well and change water often.

And speaking of water spots, don?t air dry but wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

What about grout?

Ugh, is there any worse job than scrubbing it? That's why it's important to keep up with it before too much grime accumulates.

There are many good grout cleaners on the market, but you can make your own with a baking soda/water paste.?

Apply, wait for five-10 minutes, and then wipe off. Repeat, if necessary.

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