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Choosing carpet colors: What to know

Choosing the colors for your new carpet is an exciting adventure. But we know that it can seem overwhelming at first, too.?

If you're getting ready to buy new carpets, there are some things you'll want to know about color selection. First, it's sure to make the shopping experience faster and easier.

Consider your existing decor first

When you have a decor style already in place, you'll want your colors to match it. That's especially true if you have specific trends covering most of your home.

But if you're rebuilding a carpet flooring look from the ground up, the choices will be more comprehensive. You can create a brand new look to your specifications with ease.

Think about in-house traffic levels

Some colors hide debris, dander, and footprints better than others do. So, your active household may do better with specific colors.

Dark brown is an excellent choice that hides dirt well, just like dark greens, blues, and grays. But, of course, the carpet color selection will then depend on your style or intention.

Choosing colors for mood

Specific colors create mood and enhance the ambiance of certain rooms. For example, you might choose calming carpet color for bedrooms and dining rooms.?

But you might select a playful selection for children's playrooms and living rooms. There are plenty to choose from, but we'll help you narrow your choice to fit your needs.

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